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Waiting Game

(Ocean Bay #2)

The girl I've adored since Pre-K is back in my town,

back in my high school, and I'm losing control.

The foundations around my carefully constructed world are cracking.

My whole damn world is fracturing and falling apart at the seams.

Molly comes with a whole heap of scars

and a tidal wave of cold home truths.

She thinks I'm some sort of hero.

I can only pray she never discovers the truth…


Saving 6

(Boys of Tommen #3)

Fresh out of rehab for an addiction that almost cost him everything,

Joey Lynch knows that it's time to put his life back together.

Still reeling from the events that decimated his family

and haunted by his past, he's determined to make amends

for all the pain he's caused his long-suffering girlfriend

and prove he can be a good father to their unborn baby.
It's time to make your comeback, kid...


Nights at Westwood

(Academy Boys #1)

Tucker Scott shot tequila with the salt from my tears and chased it

with the blood from the knife he stabbed through my back. 
I never knew the true meaning of the word hatred

until my world collided with his. 
Now I was in too deep and too damn stubborn to run away

– even if I desperately needed to. 
The academy boys told me to buckle up

because I was in for one hell of a school year.
Oh boy...


Closer than Most 

Our relationship burned like the brightest flame and faded even faster.
One moment, he was there, and in the blink of an eye, he was gone. 
The boy I gave my heart to became the man who threw it back in my face. 
Several years passed in silence, but now he’s back. 
Jaded, twisted, a broken man. 
He promised me forever once.
He lied.
Only a fool would believe him twice.


Thunder and Rayne

When his wife's illness tears them apart,

Caleb Young is determined to raise their baby daughter alone.

Hell bent on putting his failed marriage behind him,

Caleb embraces single parenthood,

but a late night phone call out of the blue leaves him with no choice

but to return to his hometown of Thunder and face his wife.


Two Pink Lines

I had a one-night-stand with a guy I could barely remember,

but no need to freak out, right? 
When Aunt Flo decided to skip her monthly visit,

I quickly learned that my night of drunken debauchery came with consequences. 
Two pink lines!
As if things couldn’t get any worse,

it turns out that my baby-daddy is Tate Centineo. 
The son of my boss!
Yeah, I'm totally screwed.

saving 6
Thunder and Rayne
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