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Treacherous – Carter Kids #1


One year is all I have to endure. That was the agreement with Uncle Max. One year in a new school, on a new continent, and then I can go home to Ireland.

Totally doable, right?


The boy next door is dangerous.

He's a criminal. 

He's violent

He fills the halls of my school by day and keeps me up at night. 

I know I'm in danger.

I need to keep my head down and my mouth shut.

Problem is, I'm not good at doing either. 

Noah Messina is treacherous and he's reeling me deeper into his underworld. 

It's sink or swim time, he warns me, but I fear I am already drowning...


Treacherous is the first installment of the bestselling Carter Kids series. Due to its explicit content, bad language, fighting scenes, and graphic sexual content, Treacherous is recommended for mature readers of seventeen years and above.