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New Adult,

Coming of Age,

Sports Romance,


Romantic Suspense.

MMA Romance.

Torment – Carter Kids #4

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 13.29.31.png

Danger is everywhere.

It's closing in on us.

In the midst of the blood, tears, pain, and terror, he stands before me, primed to guard, protect, and kill any enemy that threatens our family. Our baby.

We can't see them, but we know they're out there somewhere, waiting for us, lurking, scheming. Waiting for him to make a mistake. 

The stakes have been raised and all bets are off. 

This has to end.

Someone is going to get hurt.

It's a dog eat dog world we're trapped in, and someone has to die

Let's hope it's them, not us.


Torment is the fifth installment of the bestselling Carter Kids series. Due to its explicit content, bad language, fighting scenes, and graphic sexual content, Torment is recommended for mature readers of seventeen years and above.

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