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Thunder and Rayne

Thunder and Rayne

Being a single father is hard, but losing the love of your life is harder...

Two years after saying I do to his childhood sweetheart, twenty-year-old Caleb Young finds himself stuck holding the baby. Literally. His young wife isn't coping with motherhood. She isn't bonding with the baby and nothing he does helps. In fact, everything he does only seems to make things worse.

Feeling confused and conflicted by Willa's illness, Caleb throws himself into daddy duties, determined to prove to the world and his in-laws that he can care for his sick wife and raise their baby daughter.

But when Willa returns to their hometown of Thunder with her parents, a shocked and devastated Caleb makes the hard decision to remain behind. Giving up his football scholarship in lieu of providing a stable home for baby Rayne, he settles into the role of a single father.

Caleb is determined to move forward and build a good life for his daughter, and he finds himself doing just that, but a late-night phone call out of the blue leaves him with no choice but to return home to Thunder and face the love of his life.

Still feeling wounded and bitter over the abrupt end of their marriage, and with his daughter to think about, Caleb is determined not to let his feelings for Willa cloud his judgement. Hell bent on not falling into old habits, his plan is to get in and out of Thunder without reigniting that old flame.

Too bad his heart has other plans…

Sometimes you have to put your faith in fate..

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