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Pocketful of Shame

Pocketful of Shame

"Nothing in Pocketful is as it seems."


Chris Capaldi's words of warning haunt my every waking hour. I know I'm in danger, even if I can't identify the threat. Telling Sketch about the night his brother died was a mistake that could prove fatal for all of us. Secrets of this magnitude should stay buried, but it's out now and I can feel the walls closing in on me.


Presley and Sketch are determined to solve the riddle Chris left behind for us. They are hell bent on exposing the truth and bringing Chris's killer to justice – whether I like it or not.


We're in a race against time, with three neon bright targets on our backs, and nowhere to run. All I know is that leaving the safety of rehab and returning to Pocketful is a terrible idea. 

Too bad I don't have a choice.


Pocketful of Shame is the second in a four-book series. Therefore, the storyline continues into the third and fourth book. Because of its explicit sexual content, mature themes, potential triggers, and bad language, it is suitable for readers of 18+.

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