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Pocketful of Blame

Book one

Pocketful of Blame.png



The Capaldi twins.

Chris and Sketch.

As different as night and day.

One my best friend.

The other my lover.


Inseparable since childhood, I always assumed that we would grow up, escape our sleepy hometown of Pocketful, and live out a life of adventure together, away from our powerful fathers and the lure of money.


But life as I knew it changed two years ago when reckless Sketch broke my heart and dependable Chris picked up the pieces.


Except now Chris is dead, and I’m the only one with the answers to what happened that night. I’m the only living witness. 


My connection with Sketch has been severed. He thinks I killed his brother and I’m determined to let him believe it. Because the truth could put us both in the grave.

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