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New Adult,


Romantic Suspense.

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Forever we fall

"Their love is their strongest weapon.They're each other's ultimate weakness." 


It's been two years since he stole my heart.

Two years since our worlds collided.

Two years since our souls entwined.

We're a family now.

Desperately fighting to stay together in a world hell bent on tearing us apart.

He's my solider.

I'm his weakness.

We can make this work.
know we can.

We just need to keep breathing. 


She is the one thing I got right in a lifetime of f*cking up.

The thought of losing her terrifies me. 

The danger I've feared is my reality now.

The clock is ticking.

Time is running out.

But she will survive this.

Whatever happens, I will keep her alive.



Forever We Fall is the fourth installment of the bestselling Broken series. Due to its explicit content, bad language, and graphic sexual content, Forever We Fall is recommended for mature readers of seventeen years and above.






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