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Genres and Categories:

Young Adult,

Coming of Age,

New Adult,

Childhood sweethearts,

Friends to lovers.


Waiting Game– Ocean Bay #2


Daryl King

I lived my life by the three-never-rules. 
1. Never back down. 
2. Never break down. 
3. Never look back. 

The past was behind us for a reason. As for my past? Well, most of it felt like a dream – more like a horrible nightmare – and for years, I allowed myself to believe just that. Denial was my friend because my memories couldn't be trusted. 

But now the girl I've adored since Pre-K is back in my town, back in my high school, and I'm losing control. The foundations around my carefully constructed world are cracking. My whole damn world is fracturing and falling apart at the seams. Molly comes with a whole heap of scars and a tidal wave of cold home truths. She thinks I'm some sort of hero. I can only pray she never discovers the truth…

*** Warning *** 
Because of its explicit sexual content, mature themes, triggers, violence, and bad language, Waiting Game is suitable for mature readers of seventeen years and above. 

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