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The Bastard Prince

Genre: Erotica.18 +

The Bastard Prince



– Blurb –


Enemies, Lovers,

Kings and Clowns,

In the end, they all fall down.



– Ashton –

I was raised by wolves. 

A lamb to their slaughter. 

Women have no value in our world. No voice. No freedom.

My father, the powerful Royce Northwood, is dead, leaving me vulnerable and unprotected.  

 Promised to his partner Fabio Crellid's strongest son, I'm a prisoner of their underworld. 

Trigger Laperro rose through the ranks, confounding them all.

He is the bastard prince – the lone wolf.

Once upon a time, Trigger was my strongest ally, my heart, mi rey.

 Now, he is my greatest foe.  

Our hatred runs deep, our scars still festering from the betrayals of our past. 

The wolf wants to kill me and the feeling is mutual.

He calls me his corderito, but I am no lamb. 

He has risen through the ranks, securing his position as Fabio's strongest son. 

With his show of dominance comes a prize. 


I belong to the bastard prince now.

My body is Trigger's to use however he wishes – however he cares to defile.

But he won't break me.

Not if I break him first. 

This is not a heart's and flowers romance love story with a HEA. This is a dark and twisted story of obsession, power struggle, sinful urges, and extreme violence, set in a dystopian-like new world. It contains explicit and detailed sexual content, and sexual violence, that some readers may find hard to stomach. This story is full of emotional triggers and is not for everyone. It is nothing like my previous work, so proceed with caution.


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