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New Adult,

Coming of Age,


Romantic Suspense.

Stepbrother Romance.

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Blurring Lines

"The stars will have to wait, I need you on the ground with me." 


I was supposed to protect her.


She was taken from me, and subjected to crimes that made me sick to my stomach. 

Three years later, she's back in my life. 

Beautiful. Haunted. Tempting. Disturbed. 

I know she's sick. Different. Broken. Fractured. I know what she wants from me is wrong. But she's determined to take back control of her life. 

To take control of me



Warning: This is a dark book and not for the faint-hearted. It contains scenes of an extremely upsetting nature. Strictly an 18+ read. 

Author’s Note: 

This fictional story focuses on the lives of high school students and contains graphic scenes of sexual violence, promiscuity, bullying, physical violence, excessive bad language, self-harm, rape, abduction, child abuse, and substance abuse. Some scenes in this book may be extremely upsetting for some readers and, due to its explicit content, Blurring Lines is recommended for mature readers of eighteen years old and above. 

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